domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

NEXT TUTORIAL Miniture of Drinks Trolley

Hi folks!! Thank you so much for all cute comments... I will blog more tutorials soon, how to make this drinks trolley! Kisses!

sábado, 21 de maio de 2011

Breakfast Tray Tutorial (bandeja de café da manhã)

I create this small tray, I hope you like!
You need:
- Popsicle stick of wood; 5 unit (120mmx8mm)
- Colored tile; 20 unit (9mmx9mm)
- Sandpaper for wood;
- White glue or glue for wood;
- Utility knife;
- White grout mix with water;

Simple popsicle stick, 5 unit. I cut 9 parts for the size of the tile I found.

For backgound I cut 5 parts equal with 53mm, 2 parts with 57mm front and back, and 2 parts with 42mm sides.

Fix with white glue, the 5 parts to the backgound, wait to dry before put the sides. Smooth with sand paper. After fix the other parts and smooth again.

Close all the spaces with glue, before using the grout, when you fix the tile not make the liquid leak out.

When the box will be finished, you can fix the tile with white glue. Again wait to dry before the next step.

Check with the backgound is complete closed before use the grout with water...

This tile is soft blue, 9mmx9mm, cover with grout in the spaces and with a moist  fabric with water clean the tiles.

   Wait until the tile is dry, if you want paint arround the wood. Or you can cover the wood with fabric.

                                 Now you put the things you like to breakfast and enjoy this new idea!

sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2011

Miniaturas de Moveis

Miniatura de moveis 1:12 a venda! (estilo antigo)
Furniture 1:12 for sale, is handmade, so special old style and unique.